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Ju Jitsu (Japanese)


(Also known as Jiu Jitsu), Ju Jitsu is a Japanese martial art, and in English is translated as “gentle art”.

Ju Jitsu is primarily a close combat martial art, which teaches you to defeat an opponent with or without a weapon. You are taught in Ju Jitsu to do this by using your opponent’s strength and energy against them, instead of using your own force. 


In learning Ju Jitsu you learn a range of techniques including grappling, locking, and throwing. Some schools also teach the use of weapons. Defenses against weapon attacks are common things to learn in most Ju Jitsu styles, including defenses against knives, bottles, bokkens, chains and swords.

Its origins are in feudal Japan in the 1500s, developed by the samurai to defeat armed and armored opponents.

There are many martial arts schools that teach Ju Jitsu, the largest being:

More details can be found at:



When training Ju Jitsu practitioners use many weapons (mainly to learn how to defend against them), including:

  •       Knives
  •       Bokkens
  •       Bottles
  •       Chains
  •       Katanas


  •  Ju Jitsu is the first martial art that Neo learns in The Matrix movie

Author: The Bear Martial Arts Team

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