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Get The Most Out Of Our Site

As well as getting your club signed up to our Find a Club Locator Map, did you know that we have a whole range of resources open to you free of charge through Bear Martial Arts, all designed to further your journey as a martial artist, promote your club, grow your club, and engage your students? 


Here are just some of the ways in which you can get more out of our site:


We have regular blogs about the world of martial arts, where you and your students can read interesting and funny articles. 

Also, you can write blogs to be published on our site. Not only will this give you greater exposure to the martial arts community, it will increase your SEO (your articles will be attributed to you), and also you can share your blogs with your students.

Social Media

Prompting your students to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ will open their world to daily martial arts content, news, and related articles. This will help immerse them in the world of martial arts, making them even more keen martial artists, increasing the likelyhood they will continue training for longer. Links to all our social media pages can be found at the bottom of this page.


We even have martial arts games that can be played on our site for your students (and instructors!) who are in to martial arts games.

Martial Arts Calendar

You can use our martial arts calendar to promote your events for free, and to find events near you.

Not only will our calendar promote your event, it will increase its SEO, and also we pick events from our calendar to promote through our social media channels.

Our Website

Our website is a great resource of martial arts information. We have information and resources for different styles of martial arts, profiles on famous martial artists, online martial arts games and much more. All these can be accessed for free, so use them to share with your students.

If there is anything we can do to help you now or anytime in the future, please get in touch. We have a large team of experienced martial artists on hand who can advise you and support you in many different ways, and we would love to help you and/or your club in any way that we can.

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