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Kung Fu Bear Learns the Staff

 Here at Bear Martial Arts we spend a lot of time on YouTube. Sometimes for work reasons (finding the best martial  arts related videos for you to put on our site), and sometimes because we are avoiding work and there is lots of funny  and crazy stuff to find on there. Rarely is there a video that falls into both categories. Yet today we have come  across one that does, and we thought that we would start your weekend off with something quite extraordinary.

 Before we go any further please click on this link and watch the video: 

 There is no other way to describe it: the bear in this videos has clearly learnt how to use staff. We are presuming that  the bear in the video has a Jo Staff due to it's size, but then again bears are huge so if this is a big bear (hard to tell  as there is no reference) then it could well be a Bo Staff, making the bear's skills even more impressive.

 We always thought that bears were scary enough, and that they would never need to learn martial arts. Clearly we  were wrong! If you ever come across a bear in the wild, if you thought you had no chance before, now they are  learning martial arts you will really have no chance! 


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