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Chinese Flight Attendants Are Learning Kung Fu to Fight Terrorists

We strongly recommend that you behave yourself even more than normal on your next flight to, from or in China, as Chinese flight attendants are being taught Kung Fu to combat terrorists (and unruly passengers we are sure).


Great, this needs to be addressed by Airlines worldwide. At the 70th IATA AGM in June 2014, the industry unanimously adopted a set of core principles for dealing with the issue of unruly passenger behavior.

The principles call on Airlines, airports and others to work together to implement the right procedures and train staff to respond effectively in regards to this.

Protect Israeli Security Solutions Ltd have submitted our 2 day training course called AIR Safe to IATA for approval, their first impression was good. I don't think Kung Fu/ Wing Chun is the best way to train for this, due to the following; This starts as soon as the passengers boards the flight, screening and assessing passengers in regards to potential threat/risk, as well as if needed who can be approached if assistance is required. It must involve training in regards to how to handle mental and verbal abuse, teamwork (for example hand signals and strategy) how and where do you draw the line? For close quarter combat, Krav Maga is more suitable, with how to restrain and disable on the ground included. How to deal with common objects and then of course more serious, hijacking and weapons defense.

After 9/11 Pilots are not to leave the cockpit and the door is locked so even with them having access to a gun in there, they are still out of play.

Krav Maga Instructor and ICAO Commercial Pilot License

Christian Palmér - 03rd July 2014 at 1:22pm

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