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The Secret Martial Artist

We all wish that we could quit our jobs, and live our lives as a martial artist full time. Wouldn't it be great if we could all be like Bruce Lee and train every day?


Unfortunately our jobs and commitments get in the way of this dream, but don't despair! Here at Bear Martial Arts we have the solution. Enter the world of The Secret Martial Artist.....

Each week we will bring you a brand new exercise to help with your martial arts that you can do at work, no matter where you are. Some of them you can do alone in a quiet part of the office, some you can do right in front of your colleagues and they won't even know you are doing it!

By training at work you can get fitter even faster than you would if you just went to class, meaning you can impress your instructor, classmates or students with the speed of your improvements.

Don't let your job get in the way of your dream of training every day!

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  • The Secret Martial Artist Part 3

    Date: 23rd April 2014

    Leg Toner


    1. Stand on one leg, using the printer for support
    2. Bring your knee to your chest
    3. Then extend your leg straight behind you (think Superman!)
    4. Repeat 15 times
    5. Change legs and repeat
    6. If you hear anyone coming you can quickly stop

    Waiting at the printer for 100 copies to come out can be dull. Use the time away from your desk to strengthen your leg muscles and improve your balance.

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  • The Secret Martial Artist Part 2

    Date: 16th April 2014

    At Desk Wrist Exercise


    1. Sit tall at your desk
    2. Hold your arms out straight
    3. Push your palms forward as far as they will go
    4. Hold for 10 seconds
    5. Grip your fingers together in a goose head shape and bend your wrists down, with your fingers pointing at your chest
    6. Hold for 10 seconds
    7. Repeat 15 times

    Everyone in the office will think you are hard at work in your office, carefully studying yesterday’s report. You may well be reading the report, but use this chance to strengthen your wrists.

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  • The Secret Martial Artist Part 1

    Date: 9th April 2014

    Under Desk Action


    1. Start with your feet flat on the floor
    2. Sit tall at your desk
    3. Hold your abdominal muscles tight
    4. Extend one leg until hip level
    5. Hold for 10 seconds
    6. Slowly lower leg
    7. Repeat 15 times
    8. Change legs

    Your co-workers will see you intently reading the report from yesterday's meeting, but they won't see you strengthening your abs and relieving your tired leg muscles with this simple exercise.

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