Bear Martial Arts

South Coast Jkd


 Club Name

 South Coast Jkd


 Martial Arts Style

 Bruce Lee's Reality Based Martial art of Jeet Kune Do (STREET DEFENCE)


 Training Locations

 Boscombe Bournemouth


 Training Times

 Monday: 9pm - 10:30pm

 Thursday: 8:30pm - 10pm 


 Additional Information

 Instructor - Sifu Charles McGibney (4th generation direct linage of Original Jeet Kune Do)

 Private 1 to 1 Lessons also available at just £20 per hour!

 Principles - Simplicity, Economy of Motion, deception, direct and ULTRA realistic!  

 Targeting primarily the Eyes and Groin, Knees and, Ankles. Secondary the head, chest, and rest of body.   

 Emphasis on effortlessly moving and being able to strike in attack and defence from any position, angle and  environemt.  

 Many different awareness, sensitivity and reaction based drills against single and multiple attackers.

 1 stance or fighting Platform

  • Powerside forward
  • Utalisation of forward pressure and trapping

 All ranges covered. 





 Sifu Charles McGibney 

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