Bear Martial Arts

Unity Martial Arts Academy


Club Name

Unity Martial Arts Academy


Martial Arts Style

Guided Chaos UK


Training Locations

Unity Martial Arts Academy


Training Times

Monday: 7pm - 8pm

Wednesday: 8pm - 9pm

Saturday: 12pm - 1pm 


Additional Information

Guided Chaos is a unique style of martial art created in 1978 by ex-cop and homicide expert John Perkins. Instead of rigid techniques or rules-based sport fighting, Guided Chaos prepares you for real violence by teaching adaptability so you can spontaneously create your defence using natural principles of energy, movement and physics.There's nothing mystical about these principles and they are, in fact, quite ancient. Nevertheless, virtually no-one teaches them anymore -- and no-one teaches them the way we do. 





Tel: 07883073930 

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