Bear Martial Arts

Kung Fu (Monkey)

Monkey Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art based on the movements of the monkey / ape. There are a number of independent Monkey systems, all with their origins in different parts of ancient China. 

At first it can seem an unusual martial art style, but when mastered Monkey Kung Fu is a very powerful and effective fighting style. It utilises grabbing, low posture, rolling and quick movements. 




There are many variations of Monkey Kung Fu, including:

  • Drunken Monkey
  • Stone Monkey
  • Lost Monkey
  • Standing Monkey / Tall Monkey
  • Wooden Monkey 



Monkey Kung Fu uses almost exclusively the staff. Other instructors may use other weapons in their classes as well, including Chinese Broadsword, Straight Sword, Spear, Iron Ring.


Author: The Bear Martial Arts Team 

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