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About Kojido

In Japanese in this context, Koji 固持 means 'Persistence' or Strong-will and Do 道 literally means 'Way'. Therefore, Kojido means: ‘The Way of Persistence’.

'Kojido' is predominantly a follower of "Koryu" with some minor influences from "Gendai Budo" (modern martial ways).

Koryu literally translates as "old school"  or "traditional school". Koryu is also a general term for Japanese schools of martial arts that predate the Meiji Restoration in 1868. The term is contrasted with Gendai Budo "modern martial way" (or Shinbudo "new martial way"), which refer to schools developed after the Meiji Restoration. 


The system of Koryu is considered in following priority order: 

1) Combat / Skill; 
2) Discipline;
3) Morals.

Based on the Koryu  principles, Kojido Sogo Bujutsu training consists of:

- Technical / strategically training;
- Mental training

- Physical conditioning;
- Academic / Scientific Education & Research.

Kojido  is not a competative martial sport and it focuses on the actual Martial Art (Bujutsu). Kojido-ryu Ha ( 固持道流派 ) consists of:

1 - Kojido Karate-Jutsu ( 固持道空手術 );

2 - Kojido Kobujutsu Aiki-Jujutsu ( 固持道古武術合気柔術 )

Rooted back in 15th century, this association was established in 1997 and Kojido was formally  introduced in 2004 by Dr. Mosi Dorbayani, Gunshi - 10th Dan


Kojido's practice/instructions basically falls into two major integral categories:

1. Its Primary form of art is “Karate Jutsu”: ‘The Martial Art with Empty Hand’, when students first learn about their body Biomechanism befre learning more complex arts, then;

2. Its Secondary form of art includes practicing strategies and roots of several Koryu Bujutsu and Kobujutsu:
- Ken-Jutsu: ‘Sword Art’;
- Ryoto-Jutsu: ‘Art of using both long and short sword at once’
- Bo-Jutsu: ‘Staff Art’

- Jo-Jutsu: 'Short Staff Art'
- Shuriken-Jutsu: ‘Spike Throwing Art’
- Sai-Jutsu: A metal fork like traditional weapon

- Tonfa - Jutsu: A traditional wooden weapon with a perpendicular handle 
- Nunchaku: Two Sticks joint by chain of rob 
- Jujutsu / Aiki-Jujutsu: Unarmed Martial Art
- Kenpo

- Tegumi, and many more

Author: Kojido Sogo Bujutsu Association

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