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Hapkido is a Korean martial art which was originally based on Ju Jitsu. As such, the art primarily uses locks, pressure points and throws. Strikes using the hands and feet are also used. Hapkido translates into English as "the way of co-ordinating energy".



A Korean by the name of Choi Yong-Sool spent 30 years in Japan, and then returned to Korea after World War II. He brought with him knowledge of Ju Jitsu, which he developed into what is known today as Hapkido.  

Basic Principles

Hapkido is based on three basic principles: 

  • The Principle of the Circle 
  • The Principle of the River 
  • The Principle of Influence



Many traditional weapons are used in Hapkido, including swords, rope, bo staff, short stick and nunchaku. 

Author: The Bear Martial Arts Team 

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