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Martial Arts for Dummies (Jennifer Lawler)


 The Book in a Nutshell

 The "For Dummies" series continues, this time with martial arts its focus. In Martial Arts For Dummies Lawler takes  us through all the different types and styles of martial arts, and the differences between them.

 Also covered is the key areas that make a good martial arts instructor, and even which films to check out.


 In Summary

 If you are a seasoned martial artist you will find this book a little slow in places. The information within its pages is  simple, easy to follow, and spelled out in layman terms so that anyone can understand.

 And that's really the whole point of all the "For Dummies" books, so this book should of course not be an exception.  This guide is perfect for the novice, giving the reader all the information they need in which to pick a martial art to  start, or just as a general overview of all the arts for those interested. 

 The perfect starting place for any novice. 


 Rating: 5/5

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 Author: The Bear Martial Arts Team 

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