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I Am Jackie Chan (Chan)


 The Book in a Nutshell

 Jackie Chan is one of the most famous martial arts film stars of all time. Having starred in over 40 films, he has  established himself as one of the true greats. This book is his autobiography, his story told in his own words.


 In Summary

 Autobiographies aren't always as good as you hoped. They can be a huge let down sometimes, especially if it is  someone you truly admire, and it turns out that their life is dull, or their storytelling skills lack substance.

 Thankfully, Jackie Chan does not suffer from the above. From very humble beginnings, you hear through Jackie's  own voice how he rose to fame to become one of the greatest on-screen martial artists ever.

 An absolute must for any Jackie Chan, and an almost absolute must for any martial arts fan. 


 Rating: 5/5



 Author: The Bear Martial Arts Team 

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