Bear Martial Arts

Learn The Sport For The Thrill Of The Skill, Not To Kill


  Combat to defend and not to kill:

 Armed and unarmed forms of combat have proved to be quite beneficiary when attacked suddenly. Every country has  its own combating techniques, some of which are very lethal, too an extent that a small move can take away  someone‚Äôs life completely. Mostly all the forms are used for self defence and not for killing the other person  desperately which in fact is the first and foremost principle that is taught to many students across the globe who aim  at learning the art. Agility, swiftness, strategically sound mind and power are some of the important and prominent  aspects that any combating art demands.


 Martial arts and wrestling:

 Martial art is a mixture of many fighting arts that have been generated and evolved by many countries over the years.  Almost every country has its own fighting style. Since, there is a cultural element added to every fighting skill, there  is a lot of aesthetic value attached apart from the violent aspect. One thing that holds a lot of importance when  learning the skill is discipline because it is through a disciplined approach towards the art, that a skill can be  achieved. 

 Wrestling is a sport that mostly focuses on grappling techniques and a person wins only if the opponent is ready to  surrender. This sport has been an important Olympic sport ever since the Olympics first started. Many countries like  the United States start teaching wrestling from the time a person is at school and by the time he or she graduates,  the sport can then be taken as a professional career. 


 Different kinds of martial arts:

 As already mentioned that martial art is a very wide phenomena and it is rather hard to mention every single  technique or even forms that prevail. A general overview would help in gaining a brief insight of what the forms are all  about. There are forms where kicks and punches are used often to pin the opponent down. Then there are more lethal  forms where weapons, mostly sticks and swords are used in abundance. There are competitions held around the  world for various belts and titles so that a participant can prove his or her mettle.


 A martial art form that has gained popularity over the years is Brazilian jiu-jitsu:

 The primary motive of this sport is self defence, it is as clear as that. There are two categories where in the form of  martial art is very instrumental. 

  • Sports:

 Students take up the form as a sport and learn techniques from various known academies. It is after a sophisticated  training period that they are allowed to take part in competitions and tournaments.

  • Protection:

 Sometimes there can be unavoidable brawls in the streets, therefore men and women can utilize the techniques so  that they can protect themselves from any harm.

 Every form of combat mostly has pros than cons. Great body with superb agility is the first thing that a practitioner  attains over a period of time. Mentally, one learns to strategically tackle things and lastly, one learns to live life with  discipline which is very important to live a life successfully. 


 This post was written by Mukesh Sahu 




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