Bear Martial Arts

Applied Karate Seminar, Coventry, UK

29th March 2014

On Saturday the 29th of March John Johnston 7th Dan (BCKA and WCA) & Iain Abernethy 6th Dan (BCKA and WCA) will be teaching a joint applied karate seminar! The seminar will run from 12pm to 5pm and take place at Dev Barrett's Dojo, 87 Brays Lane, Coventry, CV2 4DS. The cost will be just £40.00 per person and if 5 people book the 5th person will be free of charge. Demand is high and all places need to be pre-booked. Receipt of payment will confirm your place on this course. 

Please make cheques payable to: Elaine Johnston and post to: 34 Dryden Street, Derby, DE23 8AT. Enquiry Contact: Elaine, 07791635958

The itinerary for the day is as follows:
12-1pm (John Johnston)

Throws and takedowns from Jitte kata!
1:15-2:15pm (Iain Abernethy)

Karate joint-locking and counter-locking and principles as recorded in traditional karate kata.
2:30-3:30pm (John Johnston)

Naihanchi / Tekki Shodan: We will be looking at this Kata from a different perspective and type of analysis.
3:45-4:45pm (Iain Abernethy)

Iain will be looking at key applications from Wanshu / Enpi kata

Question & Answer, Photo’s

Date: Saturday, March 29, 2014 - 12:00 - 17:00
Dev Barrett's Dojo
87 Brays Lane
Coventry, CV2 4DS
United Kingdom

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